February 2020 – Present
Menlo Park, USA

Software Engineer


June 2019 – August 2019
Menlo Park, USA

Software Engineering Intern


Built a Calendar Debugging Tool to fix room booking issues, thus reducing calendar team’s on call tasks by 18%. Automated the waitlist joining process for failed meeting room bookings, saving 320 mins of users time daily.
January 2019 – December 2019
Stony Brook, USA

Deep Learning Research Assistant

COMPAS Lab, Stony Brook University

Developed Eddie - A Knowledge Backed Dialog Agent
December 2017 – July 2018
Bengaluru, India


Goldman Sachs

Full stack development in Java and Javascript, mentored 3 new hires and conducted 10+ technical trainings. Instrumental in designing data models, RESTful microservices and building UI visualizations
June 2015 – November 2017
Bengaluru, India


Goldman Sachs

Brainstormed and developed Goldman’s Project Management and Technology Business Management platform, used by senior leaders to analyze Goldman’s yearly expense on technology.
May 2014 – July 2014
Hyderabad, India

Software Developer Intern


Developed a user interface and sync engine, which automatically synced music content between windows mobile and desktop music app, for an existing Windows Desktop Music App using WinJS, WRL C++ and HTML

Academic Projects


EDDIE: A Knowledge-Backed QA Agent

  • Built an open-domain, contextual, conversational QA agent using modified DrQA, BERT and PGNet architectures
  • It has a document retriever, neural reader, clarifying system and an answer ranking module
  • Trained an attentive stacked biLSTM model having 45% F1 accuracy on QuAC dataset. Used attentive history embeddings for context
  • Improved the retriever accuracy (% match in top 5 doc) from 11% to 64% by adding previous QA pairs and topic as context in queries to retriever
Research Project | Team Size: 1 | Jan’19 - Dec’19 | Github Repo
Technologies: Python, PyTorch, NLP, Information Retrieval

Adversarial Question Generation

  • Built a framework that generates questions, using transformer based uniLM model, on which a given QA system fails.
  • Trained a 2 layer neural network classifier on failed questions (using infersent embeddings) of a given QA system (BiDAF, BERT based) to classify above generated questions as unanswerable/answerable, with 65% accuracy
Research Project | Team Size: 3 | Sep’19 - Oct’19 | Github Repo
Technologies: Python, PyTorch, ML, NLP

BKPFS: A Backup File System

  • Developed a backup file system, BKPFS, using a stackable file system WRAPFS
  • BKPFS creates a hidden backup directory and multiple backup files per file to backup any modifications to the file. Users can use ioctls to list, view, recover or delete any of the backups.
  • Wrote ~2000 lines of kernel code to implement system calls, ioctl commands, visibility and retention policies.
OS Course Project | Team Size: 1 | Feb’19 - Apr’19 | Github Repo
Technologies: C, Linux Kernel Programming, Virtual File Systems, Shell Script

UniqPass - A Security Enhancing Browser Extension

  • Detects Password reuse.
  • Detect the entering of passwords on the wrong website
  • Warns users on clicking links to non-Alexa 10K websites
  • Used Chrome’s runtime and webNavigation API’s. Stored SHA-512 encrypted passwords in chrome storage.

System Security Course Project | Team Size: 3 | Mar’19 - Mar’19 | Github Repo
Technologies: JavaScript, Chrome API’s

Single Shot Object Detection

Designed and implemented a Hybrid Neural Object Detection Model from 2 famous single shot object detectors, YOLO and SSD, using transfer learning to detect and classify images

Computer Vision Course Project | Team Size: 1 | Feb’19 - Feb’19 | Github Repo
Technologies: Python, Tensorflow, Computer Vision

Developed multiple classifiers for hand, upper-body, scene and activity detection in Big Bang Theory Video dataset using own implementation of Logistic Regression, SGD, Hard Negative Mining SVM,Kmeans Clustering and existing CNN and RNN implementations (own architectures) in PyTorch.

ML Course Project | Team Size: 1 | Sep’18 - Dec’18 | Github Repo
Technologies: Matlab, Python, LibSVM, PyTorch

Do popular songs endure?

Developed a statistical model to predict the popularity of popular songs over time i.e. how popular or not-so-popular songs when originally released are doing today?

Data Science Course Project | Team Size: 3 | Sep’18 -Dec’18 | Github Repo
Technologies: Python, Jupyter Notebook

Popular Dataset Contributions on Kaggle

Bollywood Movie Dataset | Hollywood Music Dataset

  • Proposed and tested 5 hypotheses (Ex. black cars value > blue cars) using KS, Wald’s & Permutation Tests
  • Estimated Craiglist traffic trough time series prediction of no. of ads posted using EWMA & Auto Regression
Prob Stats Course Project | Team Size: 1 | Nov’18 - Nov’18 | Github Repo
Technologies: Python

Developed a popular web tool for SPOJ (Sphere Online Judge) users to get correct output for a set of input, decided upon by the user, on a SPOJ Problem. 100 unique page views every day.

Personal Project | Team Size: 2 | Dec’13 - Apr’14 | Website | Facebook Page
Technologies: PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Twitter Bootstrap

A mini-gcc compiler which can handle simple sorting programs. Developed for preliminary anaysis of all phases of Compiler Design.

Compiler Course Project | Team Size: 1 | Jun’14 - Sep’14 | Github Repo
Technologies: C, Flex, Bison


List of courses taken during my Masters’s

Fall 2018

  • CSE 512 - Machine Learning
  • CSE 544 - Probability & Statistics For Data Scientists
  • CSE 519 - Data Science Fundamentals
  • AMS 559 - Smart energy in the information age

Spring 2019

  • CSE 506 - Operating System
  • CSE 527 - Computer Vision
  • CSE 509 - System Security
  • CSE 523 - Advanced Project in Computer Science

Fall 2019

  • CSE 538 - Natural Language Processing
  • CSE 524 - Advanced Project in Computer Science


Selected list of tutorials which I enjoyed implementing

Shoot Js Game

Demo | Code | Tutorial

Neural Network By Hand

Code | Tutorial

TF-IDF Based Chatbot

Code | Tutorial